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What happens if I become ill?

If you become seriously ill you may qualify for 'serious ill-health commutation', which means that all your pension benefits may be exchanged for a one-off lump sum.

What happens if I die?

If you die after you have left Shell, but before your deferred pension starts being paid, immediate pensions are payable to your Qualifying Spouse and Children.

What if my personal details change?

If any of your personal details like address, marital or civil partnership status change you should notify the Pensions Administration Team.

What if I want to take my pension?

Once you have left Shell, your benefits will remain deferred until you decide to take your pension.

What if I want to transfer my pension?

You may be able to transfer the cash equivalent of your SOCPF benefits but unlike the SCPF, the SOCPF is not an HMRC Registered Pension Scheme and restrictions may apply.