The Auditor appointed by the Trustee is Ernst & Young LLP.

The Auditor reports on the financial statements in the Accounts and the Auditor’s report incorporates the results arising from the audit. An audit will be conducted at least once  every year, and more often in certain circumstances.

Legal Advisers

The Legal Advisers are Shell International Limited and Conyers Dill & Pearman.

Investment Manager

The Investment Manager appointed by the Trustee is Shell Asset Management Company B.V. (SAMCo).

The Investment Manager invests the SOCPF assets in accordance with the investment strategy and guidelines set out by the Trustee. These are set out in detail in the Statement of Investment Principles.

Investment Adviser

The Investment Adviser appointed by the Trustee is Aon Hewitt.

The Investment Adviser liaises with the Investment Manager and provides investment advice to the Trustee. The Investment Adviser helps the Trustee to monitor investment performance and the performance of the Investment Manager.

Investment Custodian

The Investment Custodian appointed by the Trustee is JP Morgan Bank.

The Investment Custodian is an organisation which holds and safeguards assets on behalf of the Trustee.


The Scheme Actuary appointed by the Trustee is Aon Hewitt (Greg Tucker).

The Scheme Actuary advises the Trustee on various aspects of scheme funding and conducts an actuarial valuation every 3 years to determine the funding position of the SOCPF. The Scheme Actuary will also advise the Trustee on augmentations or bulk transfers, which affect the scheme finances.

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