If you would like to see the Trust Deed and Regulations, the Statement of Funding Principles, or the Actuarial Valuation Report, these are available on request from the Pensions Administration Team.

2023 MND Selection

If you would like to learn more about being a Member Nominated Trustee Director please read the following documents:

2020 Trustee Discussion

A discussion with Tim Morrison (Chairman) Mary Corrie (Trustee Director) and Haydn Jones (Head of Administration) where they answer questions sent in by members on a range of subjects including the funding of the SCPF and pension scams.

A discussion with the SCPF Trustee Board

The SCPF Trustee Board answer questions from members on a range of subjects including the investment strategy, the valuation and indexation.

An interview with Tim Morrison

In this short video, Tim talks about what has been keeping the Board busy and the areas they will be concentrating on in the coming years. Also look out for this year’s edition of the Source due out in November 2018, which includes the results of the recent Actuarial Valuation.

2017 MND Elections

The SCPF are looking for two pensioner members to join the Board of the Trustee Company. If you’re interested in becoming a Member Nominated Director (MND) read the “Introduction to Trusteeship” and the “Election Rules” available on the election website www.ersvotes.com/shellpensions before the nomination deadline of 31 August 2017. You can also view the short video on what it’s like to be an MND. 

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The following factsheets give you additional information about situations that may affect you as a member of the SCPF.

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