Annual benefit statements

While you are an active member, you will receive a benefit statement each year. This will show you your benefits built up in the SCPF so far, and an estimate of the amount you will receive if you remain a member of the SCPF until Pension Age.

Deferred members will also receive updates on the value of their deferred pension from time to time.

The Source

The Source is the annual newsletter from the Trustee of the SCPF. The latest issue came out in September 2017. If you would like to view the electronic version, you can view it here.

Trustee webcast

The Trustee generally holds a webcast every two to three years. The latest Trustee webcast to employed members of the SCPF and employed members of the SOCPF with SCPF service took place on 26 January 2016.

If you missed the webcast or would like a reminder of what was discussed you can watch the webcast here and read the questions and answers below:

2017 MND Elections

The SCPF are looking for two pensioner members to join the Board of the Trustee Company. If you’re interested in becoming a Member Nominated Director (MND) read the “Introduction to Trusteeship” and the “Election Rules” available on the election website before the nomination deadline of 31 August 2017. You can also view the short video on what it’s like to be an MND. 

More in library forms & helpful information


The following factsheets give you additional information about situations that may affect you as a member of the SCPF.