Factsheets for Active and Deferred Members

Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance

The following factsheets are designed to advise members of the Shell Contributory Pension Fund (SCPF) about the current Annual Allowance rules and the ‘Scheme Pays’ option available in some circumstances if they believe that they are subject to an Annual Allowance tax charge. 

The Lifetime Allowance factsheet explains the limits to the amount of pension savings that you can build up over your life time without incurring a tax charge.

SCPF Annual Allowance factsheet

Annual Allowance Charge - Scheme Pays Option factsheet

Scheme Pays Quote request

SCPF Lifetime Allowance factsheet


This factsheet provides information for members of the SCPF on the effect of various types of absence from work on SCPF pension benefits.

Absence from work factsheet

Base Country

This factsheet is for UK base country employees in the SCPF or SOCPF

Base Country Factsheet

Ill Health

This factsheet is for Deferred members who would like to take their pension early due to ill health.

Deferred Ill Health Factsheet


This factsheet provides information that will be useful to you if you are leaving the SCPF without any pension entitlement.

Leavers without pension entitlement factsheet

Opting Out

This factsheet provides information you should consider before making a decision to opt out of the SCPF.

Opting out of the SCPF factsheet

Part-Time working

This factsheet provides information for members of the SCPF on the effect of a change in contractual hours has on SCPF pension benefits.

Part-Time Working factsheet

Pensionable Shift pay

This factsheet provides information for members on the effect pensionable shift pay has on pension benefits.

Pensionable Shift Pay Factsheet Post 09

Pensionable Shift Pay Factsheet Pre 09

Adult Dependants

These factsheets provide the information you need if you want to nominate an adult dependant (other than a spouse or civil partner) to receive pension benefits in the event of your death.

SCPF Adult Dependant factsheet for active members

SCPF Adult Dependant factsheet for deferred and pensioner members


This factsheet contains details of your options if you divorce or your civil partnership is legally dissolved and you agree to split your pension benefits.

SCPF pensions on divorce factsheet


This factsheet contains the information you should read if you are leaving Shell and considering transferring pension benefits out of the SCPF.

Transfers out of the SCPF factsheet

Pension Scams

This guide has been published by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) warning individuals of the potential risks of transferring their pensions in certain circumstances.

Click here to view the guide.

Factsheets for Pensioners

Guaranteed Minimum Pension

If you were a member of the SCPF before 5 April 1997, you will have a Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) element to your pension. This factsheet explains what the GMP is and how this affects you.

GMP Factsheet

Living outside the UK

If you are living outside the UK, or are considering moving abroad, there are several aspects to consider in connection with your SCPF pension. This factsheet aims to give you the information you need together with the answers to frequently asked questions.

Living outside the UK factsheet

AVCs factsheets

Manage Your Account

This factsheet provides details of how you can manage your AVC account online, including making changes to your investment choices.

AVCs Manage Your Account factsheet

Legal & General

This factsheet gives an update from Legal & General on their bonuses for the year ending 31 December 2019.

Legal & General Bonus Declaration

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