2019 MND Elections

Two of our Member Nominated Directors (MND) are approaching the end of their term of office so we are holding an election in October 2019 to select new MNDs. These positions are open to all eligible members so if you think you would make a good trustee director, have the time and would like to help us run the SCPF we would like to hear from you.

This is an important and responsible role and a fascinating way to get involved with the issues which affect you and your fellow members. You can find out about the importance of this role and of voting in the election in this short video.

July 2019

A discussion with the SCPF Trustee Board

In the 2018 Source we asked members to send in any questions they might have about the SCPF. In this short video the Trustee Board answer questions from members on a range of subjects including the investment strategy, the valuation and indexation.

January 2019

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