Amanda Hunt
Amanda Hunt

SPA secretary

Amanda Hunt
Tel: 0207 934 5129

SPA assistant secretary

Sandra Ellis
Tel: 0207 934 5137

SPA postal address

13th floor
Shell Centre
York Road
London SE1 7NA

SPA email:

SPA Facebook closed group:

Sandra Ellis
Sandra Ellis

SPA Committee 2019-2020

President: Lynda Armstrong

Chair: Richard Springett

Treasurer: David Buxton

Secretary: Amanda Hunt

Committee members:

Andy Johns

Andy Hull

Glynis Paton

Karen Saywell

Andy Swordy

All the committee, apart from the Secretary, are volunteers.

SPA News editor: Linda Fernley (appointed and part time)

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SPA Membership and aims

Here you can find information on the SPA Secretariat and membership.

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