The SPA welcomes everyone who has a pension (or an entitlement to a deferred pension) from the Shell Contributory Pension fund, the Shell Overseas Contributory Pension Fund and the UKSPP (Fidelity scheme). This includes pensioners who are the widows or widowers of former Shell employees - indeed many are among our most active members. If any bereaved partner of a SPA member would like to join SPA, they can do so free of charge, but they have to pro-actively request membership and complete a form. (Contact the SPA secretary or assistant secretary to help you)

Life membership costs a one-off payment of £10. To join, please contact Sandra Ellis Tel 0207 934 5137 or email

The SPA has a national Committee, headed by a Chairman, whose aims include:

  • Enabling members to retain contact with Shell colleagues and to keep alive their natural interest in Shell after retirement
  • To provide an effective channel of communication between members and Shell
  • To encourage Members to meet socially by supporting SPA branches
  • To collaborate with other organisations to further the social aims of the Association
  • To help communication among members by producing the quarterly ‘SPA News’

The Committee is made up of two elected officers (Chairman and Treasurer), two appointed officers (President and Secretary) and five ordinary elected members. All of these members attend committee meetings in Shell Centre every two months, which are also attended by the Assistant Secretary and the Editor of SPA news (both appointed.)

There are often vacancies for Committee members. If you would like to find out more and think you might be interested in joining us, please contact Amanda Hunt for more details, tel 020 7934 5129 or email

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