The Shell Pensioner Programme

The Shell Pensioner Programme is a Shell sponsored and funded service that is free of charge to SPA members in receipt of a SCPF or SOCPF pension.

It provides a range of services to pensioners including:

  • Support and guidance to find solutions to problems they are facing
  • Reassurance and help to put pensioners’ minds at ease
  • Facilitating access to Pensioners Benevolent assistance from the Shell Pensioners Benevolent Association

Pensioners in need of support can call the Shell Pensioner Programme helpline on: 0345 850 8944

The Shell Pensioners Benevolent Association

The Shell Pensioners Benevolent Association (SPBA) aims to help Shell pensioners who need assistance because of poverty and/or distress. SCPF and SOCPF pensioners, who are members of SPA, and live in the U.K., are eligible to receive benevolence from the SPBA.

SPA members in need of assistance are often identified by a Shell Pensioner Programme Officer during a call or home visit.

To see if you qualify for assistance, you will need to complete an “Application for Assistance” form. You will also need to provide financial information to support the application and demonstrate your need for assistance. The SPBA will assess the application and may award assistance, in the form of a grant or an interest free loan (dated or undated).

Examples of the kind of help provided include; stair lifts; downstairs bathroom/wet rooms; mobility aids; and urgent housing repairs, also, smaller items, such as dentures, spectacles etc. The Association provides Christmas Grants to around 400 needy pensioners. Generally, it is not appropriate for the Association to assist with debt issues.

Funding the Shell Pensioners Benevolent Association

Funding of the SPBA is entirely from donations generously given by fellow pensioners. Currently there are over 150 regular donors. Nothing is spent on advertising, and the administration costs incurred by the Association are borne by Shell International Limited.

If you would like to donate to the SPBA, to assist fellow Shell pensioners, please follow the link for a Gift Aid form below.


Secretary Treasurer: Ken Sleat

Tel: 0207 934 5131 Email:

Chairman: Roy Waight


Gift Aid Form

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