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Lasting Power of Attorney Guide

Tina has compiled a State Benefits summary matrix:

State Benefits Summary Matrix (2020/2021)

Other Sources of Benefits Advice

Age UK website offers benefits advice, including

  • a benefits calculator, which identifies which benefits you may be missing out on such as tax credits and housing benefits
  • a tax checker, to check last year’s bill or help to work out the amount owed to HMRC and whether you are paying too much
  • free financial publications

More in Shell Pensioners Association

The Shell Pensioner Programme and the Shell Pensioners Benevolent Association

A charity to help members who are in need. If the trustees support the case they make a grant or interest-free loan. Members of the SCPF/SOCPF (who are SPA members and live in the UK) are eligible to receive benevolence from the SPBA.

Investment Planning

Members may want to find out how best to invest their savings to make the most of tax rules and inheritence. Finding a reputable financial adviser can be difficult.