Am I eligible?

If you are an eligible UK base country employee whose employment on local terms and conditions began on or after 1 March 2013 you will automatically join the UK Shell Pension Plan (UKSPP) through your contract of employment on a salary sacrifice basis.

How Do I Access My UKSPP Account?

You can view your own UKSPP personal account by logging onto Fidelity’s online account service for plan members, PlanViewer or you can download the “Fidelity PlanViewer App” from the App Store or Google Play. In PlanViewer you can view the balance of your pension account, view your latest benefit statement and use the latest tools to help you make plans for your retirement savings.

Go to PlanViewer

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The UKSPP is a “Defined Contribution” scheme, the Company pay money into your pension account each month and you have a choice of funds to invest in. You can find information on the contribution levels applicable to you in the “Your Contributions Explained” guide and details of the funds available to you in the “Your Investment Decision” guide, both available when you login into your account on PlanViewer.


Further information

The UKSPP is established as a Trust arrangement. Fidelity Worldwide Investments have been selected as the provider of management services for UKSPP. Fidelity provides investment management, benefits administration and member support for the UKSPP.

Please refer to Fidelity’s PlanViewer to find further information on the UKSPP and your own pension account.

Contact the Trustee

If you need to contact the UKSPP Trustee


Contact Fidelity's Pensions Service Centre

Tel: 0800 3 68 68 69 (UK only),

Tel: (+44) 1737 838585 (outside of the UK)



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