Can I complete a form to notify my change of bank or address?

Yes, you can complete a Change of Bank Details Form or Change of Personal Details Form.

You need to do this to ensure that your pension payments are made correctly and any correspondence is sent to the correct address.

Please note that the Pensions Administration Team cannot accept changes of address notified by telephone but will accept signed forms, scanned and emailed.

Do I need to complete a form?

If your marital or partnership status changes, you can complete a Change of Personal Details Form, so that the Trustee is aware of your current Qualifying Spouse. If you are in receipt of a Total Incapacity Pension or a Partial Incapacity Pension, you should also update your SOCPF Death Benefit Form for Incapacity Pensioners.

What if I have a partner but am not married or in a civil partnership?

In the event of your death, a dependant’s pension may be paid to an Adult Dependant, at the discretion of your Employing Company, if there is no Qualifying Spouse. See the Assurance for Non-Married Partners factsheet (factsheet will be available shortly) for further details.

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