Where necessary, and with the help of the various back-up facilities available to them, the Pensioner Liaison Representatives (PLRs) may be in a position to help with a range of questions and problems that can face pensioners and their dependants.

The Scheme is managed and administered within the Pensions Advisory Unit and the PLRs work closely with the Pensions Administration team and the Shell Pensioners Benevolent Association.

If you do not know who your PLR is, please call the Pensions Advisory Unit on 020 7934 3135.

News about the PLR network ceasing in 2017 was announced to members in December 2016.

More in Shell Contributory Pension Fund

Pension Increases

During the course of payment your pension will increase each year, unless there is no increase in the Retail Prices Index (RPI) and the Founding Companies do not ask the Trustee to approve paying a pension increase.

What happens when I die?

The SCPF is designed to provide pensions for your Qualifying Spouse and Children in the event of your death.