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Helen Page and Lynn Forsdyke support the Shell Pensioner Association members. Although now based at Canary Wharf, the postal address remains at Shell Centre.

Membership and the Committee

The SPA welcomes everyone who has a pension (or an entitlement to a deferred pension) from the Shell Contributory Pension fund or the Shell Overseas Contributory Pension Fund.  This includes pensions who are the widows or widowers of former Shell employees - indeed many are among our most active members.

Former employees of Shell-Mex and BP Ltd who have a Shell pension are also very welcome to join the association.  Membership of the SPA can be held alongside membership of SMBP's 44 Club.

Life membership costs a one-off payment of £10.

Download a membership application form

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The SPA has a national Committee, headed by a Chairman, which has as one of its primary roles the maintenance of an effective relationship with Shell on pensioner matters.  This includes making representations to the Company every year in respect of the annual pension increase and the aim to protect and enhance pensioner benefits.

The Committee is made up of two elected officers (Chairman and Treasurer), one appointed officer (the Secretary) and five ordinary members, all elected.  All of these members attend committee meetings in Shell Centre every two months, which are also attended by the Assistant Secretary and the Editor of SPA news.

Each year there are vacancies for Committee members. If you would like to find out more and think you might be interested in joining us, please contact Helen Page for more details and an application form.

Committee Members

AGM report and financial statements

Read a summary of the Chairman’s AGM report in SPA News

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